Why use Gyffu?

Gyffu is a start-up search engine that is deeply concerned about online privacy. By using Gyffu as your primary search engine, no advertiser, government agency, or online search tool will be able to tie any keyword directly to you. Whether you are searching for general information, school/work research, medical conditions or other sensitive information, rest assured that no one, not even us, will know what you searched for.

In addition, we believe in unbiased search results. Therefore,we do not allow advertisers to pay for prime real estate location in the search results page. With other search engines, you will typically see that the top 2-3 results are paid ads disguised as regular links. We do not believe that companies should buy their way into your results page but should rather earn it with outstanding content that users can use to their benefit.

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Key Time line Events

2012: Eventual co-founders meet and exchange ideas

April 2014: Beta launch in Spanish

April 2015: Beta launch in the US

December 2015: Release of Images and Video Search

February 2016: New Android App

Onwards: Exciting new possibilities

Key Facts

90% of searches from LATAM and Spain since initial beta was Spanish only

USA: Reached 5,000 searches 2 weeks after announcing beta launch in the US

Exponential growth of 125% in 6 months

Guest Speaker

Barcamp Security Edition

II Forensic Computer Science Congress Peru

Information Security at Quindio University

Nomination and Certification

Gyffu Search Engine in the News: